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The Transport Workers Union is devoted to protecting the rights of workers in transport industries.

A significant restructure has delivered a new approach to organising that builds on the lessons learnt over previous years to establish organising plans to fight for power in our workplaces.

Incorporating an Internal Organising Team, External Organising Team and a Campaign Team working together the QLD Branch re-committed to providing the support delegates and members need on a day to day basis while also providing the structure and support for officials tasked with breaking into new yards to reach the 70% density target by 2035 and developing and delivering Campaigns that deliver real improvements for members and their families.

In recent years a united union movement has shown what can be achieved when we all stand together but more importantly showed that Governments that treat workers as a commodity and disregard the rights and conditions that have been fought for over so many years in Australian workplaces will not be treated kindly at the ballot box.

Join your TWU as we stand up for fairness in our workplaces and fight to safe rates and conditions for all transport workers.

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