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Members Plus Benefits is designed to deliver more for you and your family from your TWU membership.

Funeral Benefit
The Funeral Benefit option is provided to members to ensure peace of mind that they have the cost of their funeral covered to the value of $7,000 – it’s one less thing your family will have to worry about in the event of your passing.

Members’ Support Fund
The Members Support Fund is to provide TWU members with the peace of mind when they are bargaining their wages and conditions. If you are forced to go on strike to get a better deal you will be able to pay your bills and meet your family commitments.

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance
Available to both employee and owner driver members of the TWU, this Policy covers TWU members for loss of income arising from illness, provided they are under 65 years of age and accident, provided they are under 67 years of age. The policy will be paid at 85% of gross earnings limited to either. Read the policy documents here.

  • Option 1 – $500 per week, for a maximum period of 104 weeks
  • Option 2 – $1000 per week, for a maximum period of 104 weeks

Public Liability
The policy covers legal liability for injury to members of the public and/or damage to their property arising in the course of operating your business as an owner driver. It does not cover any liability arising from the actual use of your vehicle. This liability is covered by your compulsory third party insurance or your motor vehicle property damage policy.

  • Limit of liability – $10,000,000.00

Carriers Load Insurance
Also knows as Transit Insurance, this policy is designed to cover the loss of freight while in your custody.
Scope of cover: damage to load resulting from fire, flood, collision, overturning of the conveying vehicle including accidental damage to the load while loading and unloading, theft, pilferage and non delivery of the load.

  • Limit of cover – $50,000.00

How do I make payments?
Members Plus Benefits can be made along with your normal TWU membership contributions – except payroll deduction. Simply add them during your online memberships application or by calling the head office on 1800 804 533.

What happens if I retire?
As long as you are a TWU member you and your family will be able to access the Members Plus Funeral Benefit. Visit our Veterans Club for more information.

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