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With threats coming from the Federal Government to deregulate the Aviation sector in Northern Australia your Cairns Organising Hub committee is fighting hard to stand up for Aviation workers in Cairns.

The success of the Cairns Aviation Organising Hub was also recently recongnised at the TWU National Council with TWU representatives from around the country keen to hear more about the organising plan.

A letter was sent on behalf of the Cairns Airport Organising Committee (AOC) to the CEO of the Cairns Airport Pty. Ltd. (CAPL) requesting a meeting to discuss the impacts of the potential deregulation of Northern airways and to seek support from CAPL for local workers and the broader community.

Recent attempts by members of this Government to progress deregulation in our skies north of the line of Capricorn represented a devastating blow to Cairns workers.” Excerpt from the letter your TWU sent to the Cairns Airport demanding a better deal for Cairns Aviation workers.

‘The government might think that floating these ideas is a way to get the community to become comfortable with a new direction but in reality this sort of drastic change hanging over our heads causes alot of stress,’ Cairns worker Ricky Guthry said. ‘How are we supposed to just get on with things when the whole intent of the changes is to open up the market for cheaper workers.’

‘One of the reasons I think this sort of policy is so short sighted is because of the potential flow on effect,’ Ricky said. ’It’s important to understand that if all of the aviation workers at the airport now lose their jobs then they won’t be spending in the local economy and that will affect local jobs even further.’

Cairns AOC workers rallied at the airport to get the message out to the local media having had a request for a meeting with the Cairns Airport CEO refused as he was on holidays.

‘This campaign has seen significant growth at the airport,’ Aviation coordinator Peter Paulos said. ‘What we are starting to do now is broaden the scope of our approach to securing support from the community.’

The next step of your TWU is to begin conversations with the local community groups that would likely be negatively impacted by the impacts of the deregulation of Northern airspace and the loss of local jobs on the local economy.

Are you in Aviation and want to know more? Contact your Aviation coordinator Peter Paulos on 0411 875 906 or check out the campaign updates at

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