Crew in prime position to delivery real outcomes in EBA.

Your TWU delegate team, Maddy ,Caleb and myself met with VA HR manager Joanna Glynn and Michael Beveridge on Tuesday the 16th March at Brisbane airport in regard to your EBA. The meeting was also attended by Matt Rocks from the TWU national office.

  • Proposals currently being discussed include;
  •  The introduction of 80 hour part time employment opportunities,
  •  Rolling the Grooming and uniform and Miscellaneous allowances into the base rates, with the new rate the basis for annual leave pay, plus 11.66% annual leave loading.
  • Designated person in charge allowance increased to $41.20 per ATR tour of duty,
  • Meal break penalty increased to $15,
  • Overnight allowance increasing to $111.24,
  • Public holiday recognition payment of $100 for Xmas day, New years day or Easter Sunday,
  • $150 special disrupt payment,
  • The inclusion of overtime provisions,
  • Reasonable efforts to provide roster stability,
  • Accomodation and Rest facilities standards included in the EBA,
  • Introduction of a preferential bidding system during the life of the EBA,
  • ATR crew eligibility to transfer to short haul,
  • The inclusion of Long service leave, Parental leave, Special Circumstances leave, Domestic and family violence leave and accident insurance,
  • No rostered duties of more than 8 hours in a row for more than 3 days in succession,
  • The introduction of a 2 hour displaced reserve buffer.


While there’s been a lot of work and discussion about the new proposed 7 level classification structure, we are still waiting for an update on the company’s latest figures, however the company’s proposal of 2% per year increases still stands, and we are trying to get a further increase on this and are pushing for a sign on bonus.
Join the TWU and help us deliver a better deal for ATR crew!


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