We have had a number of wins on the industrial front for Bus Drivers since we last went to press, with Delegates reinstated and terminations avoided in the first place.

“Your TWU has a dedicated Industrial Team and your TWU will always fight for you to the full extent of our power,” TWU Passenger Transport Coordinator Bob Giddens said.

“A win is always a fantastic feeling but your TWU also wants to protect you as members from having to go down this road in the first place because there is nothing worse than the loss of a member that could have been avoided.”

There are cases where the only thing that will save you is keeping certain rules like not using your mobile phone when driving and making sure you have zero blood alcohol reading.

In industry developments across your industry on a national level, bus companies are commencing a rollout of drug policies in addition to existing alcohol policies.

Your TWU as always will be representing you as drivers in consultation on these matters.

Security guard numbers at risk

Due to TWU Bus Drivers’ constant campaigning, we can finally celebrate a decrease in Driver assaults across QLD.

“However this may change if bus companies decide to decrease security guards on buses, which is now on the cards in some hotspots,” Bob said.

“Driver protection has always been our number one priority and your TWU with your help will continue to fight any reduction in safety measures that will put drivers at risk.”

EBA update

There has been a number of EBAs finalised in the last few months. There are cases where Bus Drivers have received a steady pay increase but deserved better in conditions that we can in future win in these yards  – but only with more members to make up a strong yard.

“When negotiating an EBA the strength of the win is in direct proportion to the strength of the yard; and this holds true for all issues that affect your workplace,” Bob said.


Your TWU is calling on all Bus Drivers who want a better deal at work to have that conversation with your work colleagues – join them up to the union for Passenger Transport workers – the union that has the power to get you a better deal.

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