BCC Bargaining recommenced On Tuesday the 17th of January following a short recess over the Christmas/New Year period.

We discussed a number of issued which came by way of a number of BCC proposals.

BCC tabled a position on Domestic and Family Violence Leave, Impairment policy, ½ pay annual leave, and workload management.

Council’s position showed an improvement on previous versions and the bargaining team needs to consider them closely. We do however seem reasonably close on most of those matters.

The pay cycle claim from BCC came up. It doesn’t affect Bus Operators (but does affect Bus Assistants) but is broadly aimed at changing the pay system to pay actual work done rather than projected work. It was clarified that it won’t mean a change to pay cycle.

We discussed the issue of temporary and otherwise unreliable work. Unions sought to have a discussion about the solid measures that could be put in place to make jobs in Council more permanent in nature and therefore secure.

We have been concerned that there are too many casuals, and for some sections contract and labour hire is too common. We received some data on the breakdown of the various types of employment across Council but may seek further info to gain a closer understanding of problems in specific areas.

Council agreed to bring a proposal which would give some greater capacity for people to move to permanent employment, but of course we await the details. We also acknowledge that for some employees, there is more work on this front to be done at schedule meetings in the coming weeks.

Of great concern to many is a clause which was tabled that outlines some proposed new rostering arrangements. They don’t affect Bus Operators but they represent an overarching desire for Council to operate with greater freedom to change hours of works it seems. In effect it is a proposal to allow BCC to change hours of work following consultation and appropriate notice. It lacks the voluntary nature of the clauses which exist for many. We are greatly concerned by this proposal but will talk further with members where it is proposed to affect them.

BCC finally provided a number of responses to specific union claims, mainly around increases to particular allowances such as working in the rain. Most of them were rejected but we expect that they will form part of individual schedule discussions in the future given they were all relevant to specific work groups.

Schedule, or workgroup specific negotiations are scheduled for the coming weeks, so look out for updates from them too.

Next week we will receive more responses to items raised in previous meetings. We will also provide some responses to the issues mentioned above.

Your union delegate remains the best source of information on bargaining. We will continue to provide updates following the meetings.

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