ECC EBA Update

ECC EBA negotiations are still underway - here's what the company wants.

The company is still trying to stand strong on it’s position. Here’s what they want.

  1. The company wants to overhaul the classification structure to reflect the salary being paid for vehicle being used/driven and the work time/run being done.
  2. The company is still standing firm on wanting to remove the clause from the EA that says superannuation will be paid on Gross earnings, the proposed new classification structure will make it easier for the company to do this and will result in a significant reduction in superannuation payments made to you, Please speak to your bargaining representative for more information on the companies proposal.
  3. The company and the non union reps have agreed to a significant reduction (3 Days) to the paid wet days clause, this reduction seems to have been agreed upon without any meaningful negotiations or anything being given by the company in return, Your TWU has not and will not agree to a reduction to paid wet days without negotiation or receiving something in return.
  4. The company has rejected your claim for 13 weeks Long service leave and is not prepared to negotiate on this claim and wishes to stick with the legislative standard.
  5. The company is pushing to totally remove the Absenteeism Management Procedure from the agreement and make it a stand alone policy, Your TWU asked the company to add a disciplinary procedure to the agreement because there is not clear procedure of how employees would or may be disciplined in the event of disciplinary action being taken by the company, making these policies and procedures stand alone outside of the agreement is dangerous as policies and procedures can be changed at anytime without notice by the company.
  6. The company is still standing firm on it’s wage increase of CPI only.
  7. The company has proposed an annual $120 footwear allowance to be paid to employees, Your TWU has not totally discounted this offer but think that new footwear should be supplied by the company as part of your PPE when required.
For more information, call your local official.
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