What you need to know

Following further negotiations below is what you need to know about the responses the Company is giving the TWU and the way in which non-TWU member representative conversations are influencing the progress of negotiations.

  • Company wants to go to fortnightly pays instead of weekly pays.
  • Company want to increase the amount of toil in the agreement for people that work extras, your TWU wants the choice either to be paid for the work, banked and taken as time off or banked and cashed out upon request from employees.
  • Company wants to remove or drastically reduce paid wet days from the current agreement, non member representatives have committed to having the discussion to more than halve the amount of wet days already, your TWU will not commit to any change in the wet days.
  • The Company offered a pay increase of CPI per year of the agreement, CPI is currently 1.3%
  • The Company is still committed to reducing superannuation paid to you, instead of super being paid for hours worked they wish to reduce it to 35 or 38 hours which will have a large impact on super contributions paid to you.
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