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Without consultation the company wanted to enforce a reduced rate of pay claiming financial stresses being felt by the company as the reason.

The Drivers were having none of that, taking up the matter with their local organiser Robert Fitzpatrick and TWU Lead Industrial Advocate Adam Carter. ‘This all came about because the company handed out a contract that the drivers didn’t want to back and we proposed our own contract,’ Delegate Clive Kennedy said.

Your TWU, led by Adam Carter, took the case to the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal for a special Saturday hearing to address the drivers concerns about rates of pay and safety related issues.

‘The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal took 20 years of campaigning to establish,’ Branch Secretary Peter Biagini said.

‘These sorts of cases are precisely what we need to be taking to the RSRT to set the precedents we need to start to fix the Industry.’

Moving forward the TWU has engaged a specialist Transport Accountant to provide costings, assessing rates and loads, to further the case for increases to rates of pay and better conditions in any new contract or a collective agreement approved by the RSRT.

A further meeting of all parties is scheduled during which all parties in an attempt to resolve issues in dispute.

‘Adam has been fantastic throughout this process,’ Clive said. ‘He has kept us informed and been willing to go the extra yards with the Saturday hearings for example – I know the boys all really appreciate the support we’ve received so far.’

‘The boys are all committed to standing together on this,’ Clive said. ‘It’s a matter of principle that we stand united together on this issue to make sure the company knows they can’t treat us an expendable in the big scheme of things.’

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