Your TWU will use this space to keep you up-to-date with transport news to keep the government in check as we continue to stand up and fight for transport workers rights.

04/08/2013 Rudd announces 2013 Federal Election for Saturday 07 September.

22/07/2013 What bosses really want – with capped public holidays and blocked union right-of-entry only the beginning

26/06/2013 Kevin Rudd becomes Prime Minister

26/05/2013 QLD Government continue to take worker’s rights way through changes to IR and ending union payroll deductions

10/04/2013 Abbott’s plan to restrict right-of-entry

10/014/2013 Businesses say Coalition is too cautious, yet it still threatens worker rights

10/04/2013 Only ‘dodgy’ union officials should fear the Coalition’s workplace policy

10/04/2013 Coalition plans to ‘review’ the Road Safety Renumeration Tribunal

10/04/2013 Businesses say Abbott’s IR strategy too timid

10/04/2013 Labor’s jobs vs Coalition IR policy changes

20/03/2013 The business sector set to declare war against Gillard Government

15/03/2013 Labor’s push to lock penalty rates

01/03/2013 Coalition will overhaul workplace laws through major changes to Fair Work Act

28/02/2013 Newman shows hand – pushes decision to slash QLD Workers Compensation Scheme back until after  May Day march

22/02/2013 Read ALP QLD Branch Secretary Anthony Chisholm’s response to your TWU’s motion on Safe Rates.

13/02/2013 New bullying laws to be introduced into Fair Work Commission – business groups slam changes

11/02/2013 The LNP Government is ignoring Queenslander’s and considering big changes to workers’ compensation that will cut your rights at work: View the video here.

28/01/2013 Abbott promises no industrial relations surprises, despite being the key advocate of Howard’s Works Choices.

15/01/2013 Don’t be fooled on what people say about IR

09/01/2013 Industrial Relations reform is the classic Labor wedge

08/01/2013 Abbott pledges Gateway funding

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