After surveying TWU Toll Dnata Airport Services Ramp and Cargo members across Australia, your TWU collated the information and put together your endorsed log of claims.

See below the list of items you identified as important to you for the upcoming negotiations. The next phase will then see your TWU member-led negotiating committee meet with the company to begin negotiating.

Remember, the outcome of this agreement will have a very real affect on your, your mates and your family. The stronger your yard is the more you can achieve. Sign up your mates to give your negotiating committee greater strength to help secure your future.

Your log of claims:

  • Three year agreement
  • Job security
  • No trade offs
  • Minimum of 4% or CPI (if greater) annual pay increases
  • Annual 1% additional Super
  • 25 hours minimum engagement per week for PT employees
  • Maintain current annualised wages for FT employees
  • Additional or extension of Rostered hours payments to be increased
  • Protocol for FT employees to be afforded Higher Duties upgrades first
  • Casual employees minimum engagement of four hours
  • Minimum six hour and maximum of 10 hour rostered shifts
  • New classifications for career path
  • On site training allowance
  • Increased payments/day in lieu for Christmas Day and Good Friday
  • Option for FT employees to Bank Hours or cash in
  • Labour Hire/Toll Dnata casual clause for PT or FT conversion after 12 months
  • Appropriate delegates rights and paid delegate release of up to 10 days per delegate for Dispute training and conference
  • Improved Union Inductions
  • Consultative Committee provision that is modernised and functional
  • Issues or matters that can arise at the bargaining table

This information is a starting point for your negotiating committee. For more information about your upcoming negotiations, contact your TWU Delegate or call your TWU Aviation Coordinator Peter Paulos on 0411 875 906.

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