The Transport Workers’ Union will today attend their last Bus Industry Safety Committee meeting through frustration in the lack of interest in safety discussions.

Setup under the previous Labor government, since the LNP took power the TWU have been silenced from discussing violence and abuse on drivers and other serious issues such as bus fires.

TWU State Secretary Peter Biagini said since the last meeting there have been four bus fires, yet the Assistant Transport Minister who runs the meeting, has failed to put it on the agenda.

“We’re butting our heads against a brick wall with this State Government,” Mr Biagini said.

“We have put forward the necessary discussion papers on driver and passenger abuse and assaults, but the LNP refuse to talk about it.”

“There have been four bus fires across Queensland since the last meeting, and they failed to put it on the agenda.”

“This meeting was setup for a very simple reason, to discuss bus safety and to ensure clear outcomes were agreed upon, measured and achieved,” Mr Biagini said.

“It has become very clear that this LNP Government does not care about the safety of the travelling public and are happy to treat drivers as second-class citizens.”

The TWU will announce their resignation to Assistant Transport Minister Steve Minnikin at today’s meeting, highlighting the waste of time the meetings have become.

“We are frustrated and sick and tired of this government only caring about themselves and their mates,” Mr Biagini said.

“We have sent letters to Minister Emerson asking for him to sit down with us and talk about the safety and the future of bus drivers and the travelling public, to no response.”

“We have continued to attend these Bus Industry Safety Committee meetings to try and improve the conditions and the livelihood of our drivers, but are being silenced by the Assistant Minister.”

“How many drivers need to be bashed and hospitalised, and why are they waiting for someone to die to act?”

“We will continue our campaign against Minister Emerson and the LNP Government through other means until they face up to the issues our drivers face every day, and until they realise they are responsible when someone dies.”


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