VIRGIN EBA UPDATE: TWU members at Virgin Cabin Crew are learning in real time that there is a lot of power in numbers.

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EXTRAORDINARY membership growth in the Virgin Cabin Crew ranks in recent months has handed the power back to the members in their fight for job security, locking in strong conditions and gaining real outcomes in regards to backpay and opposing the proposed B-Scales.

On Wednesday 19 November your TWU delegates attended a robust 8 hour meeting with the company and have been awaiting their response.

The following Friday, the company delivered their response however after a few minor concessions the company rejected the substantive claims and advised your TWU that they would subsequently be putting the draft agreement out to the vote.

After discussions over the following weekend between VA and your TWU regarding your TWU being unwilling to endorse the draft agreement being distributed, the company agreed to meet again with delegates this Thursday to discuss the outstanding issues.

Why did they agree to the new meeting? Because VA were aware of the momentum that was building for a STRONG NO CAMPAIGN against the inadequate agreement.

With well over 1200 crew following the FB page here and hundreds signed up as members already – we are still fighting for you and the fight will go on!

‘All TWU members should feel a sense of pride that VA Crew have never been as strong or unionised as you are today,’ TWU Aviation Coordinator Peter Paulos said. ‘Because of this strength the company has been forced to continue negotiating with Crew and we are one step closer to getting the outcome that Crew deserve.’

If you haven’t already joined the fight to claim back respect for your working conditions now is the time to add your voice to the chorus demanding a better deal for you, your mates and your families.

On face value this campaign for a better deal at Virgin is no different from any other EBA negotiation – fighting to improve wages and conditions in the workplace.

So what makes it different? In previous editions of On the Move we have reported on the beginnings of this campaign for a better deal at Virgin – it was launched and subsequently run almost entirely online.

A communication strategy designed to deliver frequent and detailed information in a secret Facebook space evolved: from providing information about unions and unionism to prompt responses to a growing interest in the EBA process by an increasingly engaged membership.

The outcome was a newly captivated membership in agreement on the key issues to be discussed at the negotiating table.

Such was the engagement of VA Cabin Crew eager to participate in the conversation, screenshots of their successful online application became the currency of choice for new members wanting to prove their credentials and add their voice to their growing online community.

The outcomes speak for themselves: with hundreds of members joining in a matter of weeks and prompt analysis and subsequent negative review of the draft agreement forcing the company to withdraw the unpopular draft that failed to address the concerns of the active online community and heading back to the negotiating table with the empowered TWU delegates.


Here is your complete list of delegates across the country.

If you have a question or an issue these people are your first point of call:


Cherie AmoAmo

Sue Cleary

Nick Harris

Ani Hart

Ebanie Marks


Adele Dugmore

Natasha Pawlak

Mark Hazelwood


Stewart Mackenzie

Pedro Nunes

Murray Pitts

Tony Smith


Lisa Taylor Arcidiaco


Guy Hoare


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