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In June/July over 300 VAI crew completed the TWU survey. That’s around three quarters of all VAI crew!
94.1% of crew said it’s important and very important that VAI cabin crew get the right EBA that delivers for the future – not just any EBA or a rushed EBA.
Your TWU negotiators met with Virgin twice last week, again today, and have further negotiations scheduled for later this week. Meetings have been face-to-face, but sometimes also via phone conference.
We’ve kept the pressure on Virgin to improve their LAX allowances offer. Last week we told VA management what you had told us in the TWU survey.
In response to pressure from your TWU negotiating team and the demonstration of crew sticking together through the survey – Virgin management has now agreed to a modest increase in their offer on LAX allowances in the first two years.
VA has now agreed to increase the offer for LAX overnights to :
• 2016 US$156 per night
• 2017 US$157 per night
• 2018 US$160 per night
• 2019 US $163 per night
VA has also agreed that the allowances are that amount and set, cannot fall below 90% of the ATO rate (so whichever is higher), and wont reduce if the hotel changes.
It’s not heaps – but it is better than what they offered last week, and better than settling for less.
It adds up to a few hundred dollars extra in crew members’ pocket over the course of the EBA than would have otherwise have been the case if we just settled last week.
Your TWU team will always do our best to keep the pressure on management, and with your support can negotiate the best EBA offer possible. And as you’ll see below and later this week, your participation in the TWU survey has been crucial.
BUT – a better EBA offer is just the beginning. That’s why we need to keep sticking together – and if you’re not yet a member we’ll ask you to join us. Because together, we’re stronger, and we cant do it without you.
See below for details on next steps and the timeline to finalise the EBA, and some interim results of the TWU survey.



The EBA offer from Virgin is almost finalized, with just some key issues outstanding around the LAX hotel, accommodation, and drafting and revision of the actual EBA document.

We have not yet reached final agreement with Virgin, but the following timeline has been roughly agreed between Virgin and TWU. We understand FAAA also reached agreement on the same timeline last week.

25 July– early August: VA internal processes and sign-off, voting rolls prepared, negotiations conclude & drafting finalised.

19 August: Final EBA draft released to crew

19 August-7 September: Virgin “Roadshows” in LAX, SYD, BNE

8 September: Formal consideration period commences (required by law)

19 September: Voting opens.

25 September :Voting closes (result known next day)

There some interim results below, and we’ll share the full results later this week…

BUT to be clear: your participation has been crucial in getting management to listen to your demands for an EBA worth voting for.

Over 300 VAI crew responded to the TWU survey.

That’s around three quarters of all VAI crew – huge numbers and it demonstrated to management what crew want, and that crew are paying attention and sticking together!

Timing is important – doing the survey at this time put pressure on management as we reach the end of negotiations and helps us extract the maximum possible.


We’ll provide a full update later this week, but here’s a snapshot of what you said matters – and what you think of the EBA offer Virgin put on the table.

94.1% of crew said it’s important or very important that VAI cabin crew get the right EBA that delivers for the future – not just any EBA or a rushed EBA.

The LAX allowance is currently US$150 per night, however it was US$171 per night before the hotel change and was supposed to get to US$182 by 2015 under the current EBA (before the hotel change).

Until the past week Virgin was offering (before we secured the latest increase): 2016 US$154; 2017 US$157; 2018 US$160; July 2019 US$163.

So we asked you what you consider an acceptable offer on LAX Allowances:

• 9% said increasing LAX from $US150 to US$163 by 2019 is an acceptable offer.
• 52% said LAX allowance needs to be a bit higher than on offer.
• 39% said the LAX allowance needs to be lots higher than on offer.

We explained the pay offer from Virgin management – and asked what you consider a reasonable pay increase and back pay offer? Here’s what you said:

• 18% said the offer of immediate increases with 2.5% per year from 2017 and 3% per year full backpay to July 2014 is acceptable.
• 46% said as above, plus 3% per year from 2017, and full backpay
• 36% said as above, plus 4% per year from 2017, and full backpay

We outlined a summary of the pay and allowances and other improvements on offer, and asked you how you were likely to vote on the EBA offer:

• 42% said “I would probably vote YES to that offer, it’s acceptable.”
• 47% said “I am UNDECIDED how I would vote to that offer.”
• 11%said “I would probably vote NO to that offer, it’s not acceptable.”

We all know this EBA is just the beginning of a better future for all Virgin crew – not just at EBA time, but all day every day.

If you’re not a member, please join now:

Together we are stronger. When we stick together as crew in the TWU, crew win.

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