LAX Hotel, Survey closes Thursday, Negotiations this week




Thank you to the hundreds of crew who have competed the TWU survey so far!

If you haven’t already done the TWU VAI Survey please do it today, before it closes this Thursday 21 July:

The survey contains details of what Virgin is currently offering negotiations, and is an opportunity to have your say on the offer and what you think about the LAX hotel as we attempt to finalise negotiations in coming weeks.

At the start of negotiations we asked you what you wanted – and we’ve been pressuring management to deliver. By completing this survey now – you can help us again tell management what you want and demonstrate crew are sticking together for a better future.

We’ll let you know the survey results over the next week.

See below for info on LAX Hotel discussions and EBA Negotiations.

– LAX Hotel –
Your TWU negotiating team has been pressuring VA management for many many months to do something about find a better alternative to the current LAX hotel, including meeting with Mark Hassell and Gary Hammes to discuss it.

Like you, we’re really disappointed at last week’s news that no concrete progress has yet been made.

We all know what the problems are – and while we have been really impressed with Tash Tobias’ commitment to address the issue, we need to keep the pressure on management to keep looking for alternatives.

Your TWU negotiators have put concrete proposals to management that would secure a path to improving hotels not just now, but for the future: including putting accommodation standards in the EBA, and forming a working group to keep the pressure on management to find an alternative LAX hotel that goes beyond just EBA negotiations.

Don’t forget you can also have your say on the LAX hotel and what is important to you for hotels in the TWU survey (that closes Thursday).
– EBA Negotiations –

On the back of several phone conference in the past few weeks, yesterday and today we’re meeting wth VA management in BNE… key topics include what crew are saying matters in the TWU survey:
– LAX Hotel
– Accommodation standards written into the EBA
– Improved allowances
– Part-time provisions
– Disrupt protections

But Jeez the pace of negotiations has been frustrating, with executive changes, balance sheet restructures, fleet reviews, EOFY, and waiting the arrival of a new GM all contributing to the delay.

It’s also been very frustrating waiting for management to come back to us with specific responses to proposals, while they get them costed, signed off, and then negotiate them, all for the cycle to start again!

This often impacts our ability to communicate back to you – in recent times we have gone into meetings with management and expected to have concrete news to report after the meetings, only for management to not have a solid answer we can communicate… or the follow-up takes a bit of time with to and fro.

But, the good news is that progress is occurring.

In the past few months your TWU reps have also met with John Borghetti, Gary Hammes, Mark Hassell, and Geraldine Chin-Moody outside of the EBA negotiations to progress your interests.

So the good news is that while there’s still some work to be done, negotiations have progressed well towards an EBA offer worth voting for and we’re confident that in coming weeks we’ll have a timetable that leads to a voting process on a new EBA.

The TWU survey has details of the EBA offer – and at this stage your TWU reps believe it is close – but VAI needs to offer a little more to address LAX accommodation, LAX overnight allowances, and provide something for commuters.

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