Truckies in regional QLD are celebrating as ALP Candidate for Dawson, Frank Gilbert, today signed the Safe Rates pledge and committed to fight for Safe Rates of pay for workers in the transport industry which will improve safety and reduce the death toll on our roads.

The Transport Workers’ Union today congratulated ALP Candidate for Dawson, Frank Gilbert, for standing up for transport workers and sign the Safe Rates pledge.

“Transport workers carry the economy and deserve a Safe Rate” said Peter Biagini, TWU QLD State Secretary.

“Safe Rates is about ensuring a minimum rate for drivers. We will be asking every candidate and MP to stand up for Safe Rates this election”

“This isn’t complicated – there is a mountain of evidence showing clear links between rates of pay and safety”

“Our members in the area appreciate that there is a strong candidate who is willing to stand up for them and their families, their futures and their safety – without buying into some of the campaigns from the big end of town which just want to squeeze drivers as much as possible and end up making our roads more dangerous for everyone”

With the Federal Election on July 2, the TWU is calling on all candidates and members of Parliament to sign the Safe Rates pledge, indicating their ongoing support for Safe Rates of pay for all members of the transport industry.


Media opportunities: local officials and members available for comment

Media contact: Tom Millroy, 0411875910


Safe Rates will ease pressure on workers in the transport industry.

A Safe Work Australia report in July 2015 showed:

  •   31% of employers say workers ignore safety rules to get the job done
  •   20% accept dangerous behaviour, compared to less than 2% in other industries.

·   20% of transport industry employers break safety rules to meet deadlines – this compares with just 6% of employers in other industries.

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