North Queensland transport company Blennes Transport will finally face charges from the Department of Transport and Main Roads in Tully today.

TWU State Secretary Peter Biagini said the Blenners case has been a long time coming, and hopes the outcome of the matter will see vast improvement in the company.

‘This Blenners Transport story is much bigger than a company cutting a few corners to save a few dollars,’ TWU State Secretary Peter Biagini said.

‘This is about stopping the undercutting in our industry and the safety of the community who share the roads with these trucks.’

‘Various Blenners Directors and Managers will today face 742 charges, after 45 of their drivers already pleaded guilty to 148 fatigue-related offences.’

‘With significant numbers like that you have to look at the pressures these drivers and operational managers are put under by the company to get the job done,’ Mr Biagini said.

‘Self regulation does not work, and that is why Blenners are finally in court.’

‘Blenners’ Transport should be stripped of their fatigue management accreditation and run on standard driving hours until they can prove they are doing the right thing.’

‘We don’t want Blenners Transport to close down,’ Mr Biagini said.

‘But they need to lift their game and start doing the right thing for the safety of their truckies and the safety of the community.’

‘There are other small companies out there doing the right thing – they pay drivers safe rates and abide by the rules, but they cannot win the work because of companies like Blenners who push their drivers to keep going,’ Mr Biagini said.

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