With 2.5 million passengers delayed in the last year, the inefficiency of the privately owned Brisbane Airport is the perfect example of the future of Queensland under the Newman Government.

“The third pillar of Newman’s road to recovery is tourism, but having slashed jobs at Tourism Queensland and removed policies that will fundamentally damage our beautiful environment, this LNP Government does not care about the people of this great state,” Transport Workers’ Union State Secretary Peter Biagini said.

“Last year Campbell Newman went into tourism discussions with Qantas following their split with Tourism Australia, but if Newman does not get the second runway built, we will have no tourists.”

After 12 months of job slashing, putting economic fear into the hearts and minds of Queenslanders and now looking at asset sales, the future of Queensland is looking more dire than ever.

“Everyone who has flown into Brisbane over the past year knows you need to add an extra hour to your journey,” Mr Biagini said.

“It is ludicrous that Brisbane is so far behind and that this Government allows BAC to get away with it.”

“Despite being in a modern era, we are watching Brisbane go backwards – is this what this Government wants?”

“We not only need, but deserve an efficient Brisbane Airport,” Mr Biagini said.

“Last week Costello gave the Newman Government another report stating we need to sell off more assets,” Mr Biagini said.

“How’s this for an example of how more efficient companies can be under private ownership?”

“If this is a taste of things to come under Newman, we need to organise a round-table of all stakeholders and have a cooperative approach instead of blame, because right now this is not good enough.”

“The Brisbane airport is seven years behind the ball and soon, it will be more efficient to fly to the Sunshine Coast or Coolangatta airports and drive.”



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