The depths of Campbell Newman’s cutbacks are still being uncovered, the latest revealed may be costing people’s lives.

Transport Workers’ Union State Secretary Peter Biagini recently discovered the issue within Workplace Health and Safety Queensland after an investigation into JJ Richards Toowoomba illegal handling of asbestos.

“It turns out that because of Campbell’s cutbacks, there is only one WH&S lab technician in Queensland to test for samples such as asbestos, cut down from 45,” Mr Biagini said.

“That will cost peoples lives.”

“Workplace Health and Safety Queensland provide a very important service to Queensland and is there to protect workers, the very same workers who voted Newman in.”

“But he has slashed yet another important service and it is affecting people’s lives.”

“Asbestos is no joke and not only affects the worker,” Mr Biagini said.

“What about when that workers goes home and put their clothes in the family washing machine, exposing the entire family?”

“Since we leaned of the lab cuts we’ve heard stories of some samples not being sent because of the time it takes to get the results.”

“But that’s Newman all over – slash, walk away and not care.”

“The people of Queensland not only deserve better, but need better.”

“Asbestos in the workplace is a significant issue that we’ve come so far with.”

“But Newman continues to take Queensland backwards, and as a result we will see increased asbestos related deaths.”


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