After a horror lead in to the holiday period on Queensland roads, the Transport Workers’ Union is calling for vigilance and safety on our roads over the holiday period.

Transport workers keep Australia moving, and work in an industry where they are twelve times more likely to die on the job than the average worker.

The past week has seen a number of accidents involving heavy vehicles, with tragic loss of life and heartache for all involved.

So far, the road toll in the first weeks of December has surpassed that of the entire month of December in 2015.

“It’s outrageous that so many have already died on our roads this month” said Transport Workers’ Union Queensland Branch Secretary Peter Biagini.

Biagini today said that any loss of life on the road was tragic, but even more so at Christmas”

“For transport workers, Christmas is the busiest time of their working year” said Biagini.

“During peak holiday periods, transport workers are sharing the roads with more people, increasing the risk in their workplace”

“All road users need to ensure that they are vigilant while on the road these holidays, remembering that trucks and large vehicles need more room to stop, and more room to turn”

“Everyone deserves to get home safe, and have a relaxing break with family”

Biagini has also expressed concern over pressure on transport workers over the Christmas period, with the lack of a system to ensure Safe Rates.

“We know that this is an incredibly busy period, with greater pressure and tighter deadlines for transport workers”

“Transport workers are responsible for putting your Christmas spread in the shops so that you can enjoy it with your family”

“Transport workers deliver the presents, and keep the shelves stocked while everyone else takes a break”

“The big end of town is responsible for ensuring safety in the supply chain, especially during Christmas, and they need to ensure that drivers are being paid Safe Rates for their time and effort”

“The last thing any family should experience is losing a father, mother, husband, wife, son or daughter during Christmas because they have been involved in a preventable accident”

The Transport Workers’ Union will continue to campaign for a system of Safe Rates in the transport industry to ensure that the supply chain is held accountable for road safety.


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