Minister’s bus-flip shows true colours

Transport Minister Scott Emerson showed he couldn’t handle the heat of politics after backing down and palming off his bus route cuts across the South-East.

“The route cuts this Minister was proposing was ridiculous and would have taken buses away from over a third of the entire area of South-East Queensland,” Transport Workers’ Union State Secretary Peter Biagini said.

“And while this Minister Emerson’s back-flip is a win for the public, it also shows he wants to put the blame on others but telling the Brisbane City Council to be responsible for the review.”

“But that raises more questions,” Mr Biagini said.

“Originally Emerson was going to cut routes across South-East Queensland, and has now asked the Brisbane City Council to look at it.”

“What about those outside BCC?”

“There are huge areas across Logan, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast that were part of the cuts – is the BCC going to look into those too?”

“Queensland deserves a Transport Minister and a Government who understand the public’s needs and create a direction for the future of this state, not one who will slash and burn, and back flip, and ask others to do their dirty work.”

“We support this back-flip, but equally we need more answers from this Minister as to what his plan is for Queensland.”

“The people of Queensland need this Minister and this Government to start working for them.”


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