The TWU will join the MUA in their Brisbane rally today to save QLD jobs: as Caltex moves to outsource Australian maritime jobs to overseas crew paid $2 per hour, and the Abbott government proposes to let international airlines fly QLD routes with underpaid overseas crew.

“The TWU backs our members 100 percent and we stand together with the MUA to fight these direct attacks on Australian workers and their jobs, which mean companies can bring overseas workers to QLD on $2 per hour,” TWU QLD Secretary Peter Biagini said.

“Tony Abbott is allowing these attacks on QLD workers: which is no surprise since he has already given the go ahead to overseas companies to lock Australians out of jobs in his Free Trade Agreement with China.

MUA Assistant Branch Secretary Paul Gallagher said that Caltex plan to outsource Australian Seafaring jobs to overseas workers being exploited for less than $2 per hour by redeploying the vessel Alexander Spirit as an international vessel with international crew.

“If there are jobs in Australia they must be done on Australian wages and Australian working conditions,” Mr Gallagher said.

“We refuse to allow Caltex or any other company to operate in our waters paying workers $2 per hour, taking jobs off Australians and exploiting overseas workers in third world conditions here in our country.”

Mr Biagini said that the Abbott government’s plans to deregulate the QLD skies north of the line of Capricorn are a direct and unfair attack on QLD aviation workers and our QLD aviation industry.

“Overseas airlines will be allowed to take over QLD routes with overseas crew being paid overseas rates which could also be less than $2 per hour,” Mr Biagini said.

“This kills our state’s aviation industry – as we’ve seen with QLD Airline Skytrans folding, all it takes is the loss of one contract to kill an airline and put all of the QLD families who rely on it to make a living out of work. The TWU represents the people who get the planes off the ground and the TWU will stand strong with our members to oppose Abbott’s plan.

“If there are aviation jobs here in Queensland, they have to go to Queenslanders.”

Australian wages and conditions are under threat by:

  • Caltex moves to outsource Australian Seafarer jobs to international crew paid poverty wages of less than $2 per hour, redeploying the vessel Alexander Spirit as an international vessel with an international crew.
  • Abbott Government plans to deregulate Australian skies north of the line of Capricorn meaning overseas airlines can take over QLD routes with their own crew.
  • The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement which stands to lock out Australian workers from Australian jobs and let companies employ workers from overseas on substandard rates of pay in Australia without facing skills or labour market testing


Media Contact:

  • TWU – Tanie Harris Sansey 0411 875 910
  • MUA – Paul Gallagher 0408 494 168

Media Opportunity: Joint union rally in Brisbane to save Australian jobs in support of crew of Alexander Spirit

  • Where – 1 Tanker St Lytton outside Caltex gate
  • Date – Friday 24 July
  • Time – 2pm
  • TWU and MUA Officials available to speak to media

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