The Transport Worker’s Union are concerned about the practical application and the true safety of the new one-metre cyclists laws, particularly on heavy vehicle routes and congested roads.

Transport Worker’s Union Assistant State Secretary Scott Connolly said the risks would be higher if the Government introduces the report’s proposals.

‘One of our many concerns is that the trucking, bus, taxi and courier industries have not been properly consulted in this report because the practical application of such rules will only lead to more safety issues,’ Mr Connolly said.

‘The one-metre laws will significantly affect our members just trying to do their job – buses, taxi, garbage trucks all stop frequently and have blind spots, trucks and buses may even have to merge into oncoming traffic to make way.’

‘Look at Rocklea and Sherwood in Brisbane’s west for example – these are known major trucking thoroughfares where the only way a truck can give a cyclist one-metre is to merge onto the other side of the road.’

‘What about at a set of lights where the truck is stopped and a cyclists jumps in front and the truck must then give extra space?’

‘Garbage trucks frequently stop – what laws are there to protect drivers from cyclists they cannot see?’

‘A recent report showed cycling deaths are up 42 per cent nationally – the TWU agrees something needs to be done to assist all road users to get to their destination safely, but this band-aid fix is not a long-term solution.’

‘The growing number of cyclists on our roads shows the need for something to be done – one solution may be more linked bicycle paths, particularly around those known heavy vehicle routes and congested roads,’ Mr Connolly said.

‘This report raises significant safety concerns in its practical application, which is why we are calling for more consultation before any decision is made.’

‘Trucks, cars, buses and cyclists in one space don’t mix,’ Mr Connolly said.

‘The one metre rule and the changing of stop signs to give way for cyclists will add a lot of confusion and frustration to motorists, ultimately leading to further safety concerns for cyclists.’


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