Including exposed asbestos, improper use and storage of chemicals and bald tires, the Transport Workers Union is outraged by the number of safety breaches which were found at a Subloos site in Clontarf.

The Transport Workers Union (QLD) is outraged by the number of serious safety breaches that were found at the Suboos Transport yard in Clontarf.
As a result of management inaction and complete disregard for employees safety, employees at Subloos will today be blockading the entrance to the site in order to prevent such unsafe vehicles from heading out in to the community.
Troy Fernandez, TWU Waste Industry Coordinator, said that the conditions at the site were nothing short of disgraceful. “You’ve got exposed asbestos literally just lying around. There’s pieces of scrap metal stuck in the ground and used as doorstops, and serious structural issues with these trucks which could result in a catastrophic failure at any point while on the roads in our community” said Mr Fernandez. “When a tire is so bald that there are pieces of rubber starting to come off it, and management is still pushing people to drive that truck, it shows an absolute disregard for human life.”
“These members will be blocking the gate because the company refuse to adhere to basic safety standards for their staff or the broader community.
We’ve tried to sort these issues out by working with the company but now they’ve flat out refused todo anything about these outrageous safety breaches – we know that action is needed before someone gets killed”
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  • Officials available for comment,
  • Blockade at Subloos yard 261 Duffield Rd. Clontarf.
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