Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Scott Emerson came out to say sacked LNP mate and Director-General Michael Caltabiano did a good job – but what did he do?

The Transport Workers’ Union has kept a close eye on the procedures surrounding Mr Caltabiano, who has spent the last four months stood aside on full pay.

“What has Mr Caltabiano actually done for Minister Emerson to come out and say he’s done a good job?” TWU Queensland State Secretary Peter Biagini said.

“If Mr Caltabiano wants to be remembered for something more than potentially misleading the Ethics Committee and being paid for staying at home, he should donate his undeserved $200,000 to installing duress alarms for Queensland Bus Drivers.”

“Every politician has a duress alarm installed in their office, and if it’s good enough for them to feel safe going to work, it’s good enough for our drivers.”

“The people of Queensland deserve to see their money being spent accordingly to progress this great State, but Newman refuses to spend for Queenslanders.”

“This government has argued about our economy being in crisis and about productivity, so we ask the same of our politicians.”

“Where is this LNP’s integrity and accountability?”

“This is a perfect example of Newman looking after a mate, nowhere in the private sector would you find someone being paid $10,000 a week to stay at home.”

“And why now? What has changed in Newman’s mind to finally come out and not renew his contract?”

“We’ve been calling for progress and are glad to see it – but originally Newman was waiting for the CMC and Ethics proceedings, which will be months away – so why all of a sudden?”

“This government has no integrity, no direction and no idea and Queenslander’s deserve better,” Mr Biagini said.


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