The impact of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal on investigating the pressures companies are putting on drivers has never been more needed.

Transport Workers’ Union State Secretary Peter Biagini said the havoc on Queensland’s roads this week proves the need for the Tribunal and for authorities to start undertaking full workplace health and safety investigations when a truck is involved in a crash.

“A truck driver’s job is to drive, yet when they are involved in a crash, authorities are still not carrying out workplace health and safety investigation,” TWU QLD Branch Secretary Peter Biagini said.

“330 people die on our roads each year involving trucks, and what we need to see is every crash and every incident be investigated as a workplace incident so the truth behind the crash comes out, not simply what happened.”

“Workplace Health and Safety investigations in conjunction with the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal are crucial to the improvement of road safety.”

Since the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal kicked off on 01 January 2013, the TWU has submitted testimonials for investigation by the Tribunal.

“This is the year of the truck driver,” Mr Biagini said.

“With the introductions of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, truck drivers across Australia have never had so much support.”

“The Tribunal are focusing on five major sectors of our industry, including major retailers like Coles who have economic power and control the industry through dictating prices, standards and conditions,” Mr Biagini said.

“This is important because one-in-every-three trucks on our road work for big retailers like Coles, who are setting unfair and unreasonable demands and deadlines that push drivers to their limits.”

“But only through full investigations into why a truck is involved in a crash, or when one self-combusts, will the truth about company pressures, unrealistic deadlines and poor conditions come out.”

“Without truck drivers Australia stops – there would be no petrol in our pumps, no food in our supermarkets and no produce moved from farms.”

The Transport Workers’ Union are urging all drivers who feel they are being pressured or know of other drivers being pushed by a company’s unrealistic deadlines, to get in touch on 1800 804 533.


Mick O’Brien – 0411 875 910

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