The Transport Workers’ Union is increasingly concerned that violent thugs who assault bus drivers are confident in getting away with their crimes.

After yet another assault on a bus driver in Ipswich, the Transport Workers’ Union is once again calling for heavier penalties to be included in the Bus Safety Review, due to be handed down in March.

So concerned were members of the public at the ferocity of the assault, they posted to Facebook about how the assailants assaulted and dragged the driver on to the footpath.

Peter Biagini, Secretary of the Queensland Branch of the Transport Workers’ Union, is demanding greater respect for public transport worker, including heavier penalties for those who assault them.

“For a crime to happen like this in broad daylight is horrific” Biagini said today.

“Bus drivers carry our most precious cargo, transporting members of the community to where they need to be, yet every day they face the prospect of being assaulted on the job”

“Surely the time has come to increase penalties for those who assault public transport workers”

The success of the Get On Board campaign, led by TWU bus drivers and collecting over 13,000 signatures calling for an end to bus driver assaults, prompted the Bus Safety Review.

The tragic death of Manmeet Sharma, a Brisbane City Council bus driver prompted the review to be fast tracked.

The Bus Safety Review is due to be handed down in March.


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