The weekend attacks on Queensland Taxi Driver’s highlights how much more is needed by our governments to better protect and train public transport drivers.

The Transport Workers’ Union said the two latest assaults, which saw one driver punched before his was taxi stolen and the other being kicked and punched to the ground, are sadly just another incident in a long list that this LNP government refuses to care about.

“For too long bus and taxi drivers have been an easy prey for these cowardly attacks and for too long the government has not done anything,” TWU State Secretary Mr Biagini said.

“Harsher penalties must be put on offenders who attack a driver doing their job.”

“We need to stop these slap-on-the-wrist tactics and raise the penalty to be in line with those who attack a police officer or paramedic doing their job.”

“We need real protection for public transport drivers.”

Assaults on taxi drivers have sadly become as common as bus driver assaults, which occur, on average, 50 times per month across Queensland.

“The Queensland Government has the resources to help protect public transport drivers, but refuse to do so,” Mr Biagini said.

“Nothing has changed since the Newman Government came into power.”

“First they were employing mates to high positions while slashing jobs and services, now they award themselves 40% payrises, whilst putting a freeze on employees pay and refusing to help or invest in the people of Queensland.”

“More needs to be done to stop the Newman government filling their own pockets and start using their resources to better protect and train transport drivers.”

The Transport Worker’s Union will keep a close eye on the outcome of these assault cases to see how light the penalties authorities put on the offenders.



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