Reports that TransLink is losing millions of dollars per year on issuing warnings instead of infringements is infuriating to drivers who are campaigning for pay parity across Queensland.

TransLink would be in a better position to pay drivers equally across their network if they issued infringements instead of warnings, new figures show.

Transport Workers’ Union Queensland Branch Secretary Peter Biagini has said today that the unwillingness of TransLink to get tougher on fare evaders, shows that their claim that they are unable to deliver pay parity is false.

“This is a slap in the face to drivers in Cairns who are thousands of dollars worse off per year than drivers on the Sunshine Coast – despite wearing the same uniform and working for the same company”

“TransLink claims not to be able to afford to fund pay increases, but is losing millions per year in fare evasion, and handing out warnings instead of recouping that money”

“To make matters worse, drivers are tasked with challenging these fare evaders, despite the fact that nearly every single driver has experienced some sort of assault while at work”

“Those who are cheating the system are getting off scott-free, while those who follow the rules are effectively worse off”

“If this issue were resolved, TransLink would surely be in a far better position to deliver pay parity for their bus drivers”

“Bus drivers are proud of their job, but they’re sure not proud of TransLink”

TransLink has refused to negotiate to allow pay parity across the Queensland public transport network.


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