The Transport Workers’ Union is calling for urgent action from the Federal Government with StateTrans 2016 showing that drivers are still being forced to work dangerous hours and in unreasonable conditions.

StateTrans 2016 showed that employees in the transport industry are still under massive pressure, leading the Transport Workers’ Union to call for urgent action to improve safety on Queensland roads.

StateTrans 2016 concluded at the end of May, and the results show that drivers are still under massive pressure from the supply chain, with drivers forced to drive for far too long, in unsafe vehicles.

“This is obviously a result of top down pressure from big retailers like Coles and Woolworths who are trying to squeeze every dollar possible out of the supply chain, and as a result we are going to keep seeing this sort of behaviour” said Peter Biagini, TWU QLD Secretary.

“Drivers out continue to feel the pressure to get work done under strict, unrealistic timeframes and set rates of pay”

“When you have people being pressured every day to severely exceed their working time, or to drive overloaded, you can’t deny that there is a crisis in the industry”

StateTrans 2016 further identified that a large number of drivers were grossly exceeding their maximum weight limit.

“How can you see this as anything but drivers under huge pressure from the big retailers, forced into dangerous situations to try and maintain a living wage?” said Peter Biagini.

“The link between Safe Rates and safety on our roads is clear, but drivers are currently being forced into a race to the bottom for pay and conditions, and it’s time the Government did something about it”

“Instead getting up on TV talking about how he’s a friend of Owner Drivers but doing everything possible to keep their pay down, the Prime Minister should stop feeding the industry his own brand of Turnbullshit and actually do something other than flap his gums. He needs do something to improve conditions for all workers in an industry that has a fatality rate twelve times the national average”

Transport workers will be rallying for Safe Rates on June 19th at Queen’s Park in Redcliffe from 11:30am.

Media contact: Tom Millroy 0411875910

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