TWU Calls on Cleanaway Noosa to offer a better deal

The Transport Workers’ Union (QLD) is calling on Cleanaway to offer a better deal for its employees in Noosa.

The TWU is seeking a 3% pay increase in the new EBA, with the last two offers being voted down by a resounding majority of employees.

“The last two substandard EBA offers have been voted down pretty convincingly” said Troy Fernandez, TWU Waste Industry Coordinator.

“Even in the Christmas period, Cleanaway is turning this into a long, protracted process. These employees deserve better”

“Management has indicated that the Noosa contract is profitable, but instead of investing the money in their local employees, most of whom are Noosa ratepayers, Cleanaway representatives have indicated they want to use that profit to chase contracts in Brisbane.”

“The Noosa ratepayers pay Cleanaway to carry out the service for the community. Cleanaway’s current position will prevent local workers from having an increased economic capacity, which would largely benefit the local economy, Noosa ratepayers could potentially subsidize a new contract for the company in Brisbane.”

“The people at this yard have made concessions, and have offered a trade offs to see their pay go up to 3%. Members have voted in favor of protected action, although they haven’t exercised their right to take industrial action yet”

“It’s clear that if the company continues to employ its current style of hardline negotiating tactics, then we will see similar action in Hervey Bay and Gympie”

Media Contact: Tom Millroy 0411 875 910

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