The Transport Workers Union – Queensland Branch applauds the Cairns Regional Council’s decision to review the traffic and pedestrian management system and encourages the move toward a safer shared system.

“Tourism is key to Cairns and we applaud the Regional Councils’ decision to audit the areas traffic management system and seek out improvements,” TWU Branch Secretary Peter Biagini said.

“When the council convene tomorrow to make this decision, we encourage them to make the necessary changes to improve pedestrian safety and take undue pressure off bus and heavy vehicle drivers from jaywalkers.”

“Any move that will allow buses, trucks, cars and pedestrians to operate safer and more efficiently in our shared zones is a step forward.”

TWU Cairns Organiser and Regional Industrial Advocate Janine Aitken said the Regional Council is showing great leadership to make this decision for our community.

“We need to make sure tourists can come to Cairns and can walk around and take public transport in a safe and efficient manner,” Ms Aitken said.

“Buses and tourists play an important role in our community and we need to take the pressure off drivers and the waiting time off pedestrians to reduce the amount of unsafe decisions such as jaywalking.”

The audit of Cairns’ pedestrian crossings found timings varied greatly, sound was missing, and with traffic lights being out of sync jaywalking was rife in the CBD.

“The current conditions, and in particular the main transit mall which really needs a green turning arrow, puts a lot of pressure on drivers,” Ms Aitken said.

“We need a system that will allow pedestrians to cross roads and buses to operate safer.

“We encourage and applaud the Cairns Regional Council, and call on the State Government to stand up and replicate the Council’s drive to make our roads safer.”




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