► 11am today, Tuesday 06 August 2013

 Starting in King George Square and marching to Parliament House viaAdelaide and George Streets, Brisbane.


The Transport Workers’ Union will march on Parliament House today following the year-and-a-half of continued ignorance from Transport Minister Scott Emerson and the Newman Government over the daily bus and taxi driver assaults and the lack of basic amenities afforded to drivers outside Brisbane.

TWU State Secretary Peter Biagini said a toilet and 4000 signed petitions will accompany the 100 strong TWU members and supporters marching to highlight the sad reality of being a Queensland Bus and Taxi Driver.

“For too long the Queensland Government has treated bus and taxi drivers like secondclass citizens,” Mr Biagini said.

“Every day drivers are being punched, robbed, stabbed and spat on and this government refuses to take action.”

“If this government introduced mandatory sentencing to match that of attacking and assaulting a police officer, these thugs will start to get the message and leave our drivers alone,” Mr Biagini said.

The Transport Workers’ Union is also calling on the government to review bus timetables to allow drivers to take a toilet break during their shift, at convenient times, such as when stopping at a shopping centre.

“Currently, the majority of Queensland’s bus drivers outside of Brisbane do not have meal, toilet or hand washing facilities and are not allowed time in their timetable to use the toilet,” Mr Biagini said.

“There are severe long term health issues surrounding this and it is sad that in our day and age, Australian workers are not allowed access to a toilet break.”

“Translink are responsible for the bus timetables and they must review timetables to allow drivers to use the toilet at a convenient time, without disrupting services.”

“Everything about the bus and taxi industry has become a health risk.”

“From the government turning a blind eye to the daily assaults and refusing to install duress alarms on buses, to their refusal to provide time or basic facilities for drivers to eat, pee and wash their hands – its no wonder bus drivers are leaving the industry in fear of being bashed or suffer long term health problems.”

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