The Transport Workers’ Union is calling for an industry rate for bus drivers in order to solve large pay discrepancies between Translink operators.

TWU drivers at Sunbus Cairns are fed up with being paid less than other Sunbus drivers, and will be making their voices heard with industrial action this Wednesday.

Their concerns echo those of other drivers across Queensland, who are sick and tired of large pay variations across the TransLink network.

Despite months of negotiations and several forms of industrial action, TransLink have still refused to ensure that those doing the same work are recognised and remunerated in the same manner.

The Queensland Branch of the Transport Workers’ Union is today calling on Translink to agree to an industry rate on all Translink-controlled bus routes, launching the EQUAL RATES FOR OUR MATES campaign.

Highlighting massive regional pay discrepancies, Queensland TWU Branch Secretary Peter Biagini today said that it isn’t fair that drivers who are working for the same company, contracted by the same organisation, are paid less than drivers in a different area.

“We have members in Cairns who are earning significantly less than other bus drivers from the Sunshine Coast for example” said Biagini.

“It’s ridiculous that they’re both Sunbus, both contracted by Translink, and yet have vast pay discrepancies”

“Bus drivers are abused, attacked, and assaulted on the job, all while carrying our friends and family”

“An industry rate will go a long way towards maintaining equality for employees on the public transport network”

Bus drivers from all over Queensland will be participating in the EQUAL RATES FOR OUR MATES campaign.


Media Contact: Tom Millroy 0411875910

Media Opportunities: Equal Rates For Our Mates Rally – Sunday 12th February from 11am at Emma Miller Place, Brisbane.

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