The Transport Workers’ Union has slammed the almost $12 million pay packet of Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce and the over $23 million pay packets of the airline’s top management as an affront to its employees.

Nearly 5,000 full-time jobs at Qantas have been lost and replaced by 9,000 part-time jobs, said Tony Sheldon, National Secretary Transport Workers’ Union. “This salary and bonus announcement will be a bitter pill to swallow for employees on part-time jobs who cannot support their families. It is a slap in the face for families crippled by changes at the company,” said Tony Sheldon, National Secretary Transport Workers’ Union.

“Management are paying themselves millions while thousands of employees in the Qantas supply chain are on wage freezes and forced into part-time work. You can’t pay full time bills with part time pay,” said Sheldon.

“This is an industry where 21% of employees are earning below the poverty line. Qantas employees are paying for these outrageous salaries and bonuses. There is no justification for this level of greed,” added Sheldon.

The Qantas workforce is calling for an end to redundancies and provide job security at the airline. Employees want to be well trained to deliver quality service to customers. Instead Qantas awards low cost contracts where employees are hired on low pay and conditions.

“Qantas needs to improve conditions for all workers at the airline instead of just remunerating its top executives,” Sheldon added.

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  1. Numbers of hours guaranteed to workers in the Qantas supply chain and corresponding weekly earnings (note the national minimum weekly wage is $640.90 per week):

QGS                – 20 hrs        – $509.63

EGH/Jetstar           – 20 hrs        – $443.08

Aerocare                  – 15   hrs     – $412.95


  1. Examples of portion of workforce on part-time

Qantas Ground Services, a wholly Qantas-owned company, in an enterprise bargaining agreement ballot listed 1175 workers on part-time out of a workforce of 1290 employees.

Aerocare, a company which Qantas hires for services, in an enterprise bargaining agreement ballot listed 382 part time workers and 604 workers on casual arrangement out of a workforce of 1014 workers.

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