The Transport Workers’ Union of QLD will appear at the national Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal tomorrow seeking Safe Rates and standards to be enforced for the Cash In Transit (CIT) industry; following two serious incidents in QLD in the past six months.

“The TWU will fight for our members in the CIT industry to have fair and safe working conditions: and we will fight for results in the Tribunal before any more Queensland families lose one of their own when they don’t come home from work,” TWU QLD Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly said.

“Transport workers are 11 times more likely to be killed on the job than the industrial average in Australia; and the stakes are even higher for CIT workers.

“A dangerous race to the bottom has begun in CIT with second tier companies entering the market, competing for contracts and undercutting those who do the right thing; putting profit before safety.

“This is the same process pushing safety down the chain in the trucking industry: with companies competing for contracts in a race to the bottom in pay, conditions and safety. Due to this over 300 people die in Australia each year in truck crashes.”

The TWU of QLD will go to the Tribunal to represent Queensland CIT workers who have grave concerns for safety: their own and that of the public. These workers report “pressure coming from managers” to cut corners on safety.

“Our CIT members refuse to compromise safety and we back them 100 per cent,” Mr Connolly said.

Safety issues In CIT affect all Queenslanders as CIT vehicles share the streets with the whole community. When an incident or armed robbery on a CIT van occurs it affects members of the public.

The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal is the only avenue we have to address these concerns directly with the industry expertise and legislative power to act on and change industry practices.

The Abbott government has announced plans to “review” the Tribunal and there is a real danger they could axe it, putting more lives in danger in CIT and general road transport.

The Tribunal was set up was to address the fact that in Australia over 300 people die and over 1000 suffer serious injuries each year in truck crashes.

The TWU is fighting for the Tribunal to be strengthened, not axed.

The TWU will give evidence tomorrow at the Tribunal on the dangers faced every day in QLD in the CIT industry.

“The TWU calls for a national ruling from the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal to enforce compliance with strict safety standards and Safe Rates of pay for workers, throughout the chain of responsibility from the top down,” Mr Connolly concluded.



 Media contact: Tanie Harris Sansey 0411 875 910 / Sarah Mawhinney 0413 738 841

 Media opportunity:

TWU Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly will give evidence at the Tribunal and will be available for media comment via Media Contact.



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