Queensland’s Transport and Main Roads Minster, Scott Emerson last week announced his planned cuts to the South-East Queensland bus network in a bid to save $40 million.

Included in the routes are many essential services that eased congestion on other buses and those used by school children, workers and the elderly, who will now have no access to a transport network.

Transport Workers’ Union Queensland State Secretary Peter Biagini said the Minister has no respect for the people of Queensland.

“Cutting these buses means this LNP Government will cut more jobs and slash our transport network to make lives harder for users,” Mr Biagini said.

“What about the people who use these buses?

“And how many drivers will lose their jobs?”

“The report states two-thirds of the SEQ network share 70% of stops, that’s a very confusing way for the government to say they are slashing well over one-third of the entire network’s coverage,” Mr Biagini said.

“That is a lot of people in a lot of areas without access to public transport.”

“I spoke to one elderly lady in central Brisbane who is to have two routes cut from her area. Those two services are the only routes within walking distance, and are also ones that run her directly to the nearest hospital.”

“This Minister is out of touch with the people of this state, it is ridiculous enough that he treats drivers as second-class citizens, but has now extended that to the travelling public.”

“What about the people, Minister Emerson? When will you make a positive decision for those who elected you?”

The SEQ Bus Network report is available on the Translink website, which was published following the discussion period closing mid-December.

“The Minister has refused to comment further on the true details of these cuts, so again we ask the Minister, what about the people and what about the drivers?”

“He is clearly waiting for the services to be cut and his contribution to Newman’s Queensland job cuts before he comments to say he’s saved more money.”

“Where is that money then going?”

“Will it stay in the industry?”

“Will it fund much needed driver protection?”

“If Minister Emerson used these services on a daily basis, instead of his car and driver, he might understand the true affects of these decisions.”


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