Aircraft refuellers at Brisbane International and Domestic terminals will take industrial action from Friday the 19th of October.

After an avoidable breakdown in negotiations, employees who are Transport Workers’ Union (Queensland Branch) members at Brisbane Airport Fuel Services (BAFS) will be taking industrial action from this Friday.

Employees have been negotiating a new Enterprise Agreement, but with the company refusing to move on cost-of-living pressures, industrial action is set to be taken as a last resort.

Beginning Friday, refuellers will be instigating an overtime ban, with actions likely escalating to full work stoppages over time. Most workers routinely work overtime in order to meet the needs of aircraft arriving and departing.

This action will have large-scale impacts on aircraft departures if planes are unable to be fuelled.

Transport Workers’ Union Queensland Branch Secretary Peter Biagini has today called on those at the top of the airport supply chain to take responsibility for the companies that they contract.

“Airlines and airports make billions every year, all while cutting costs in their supply chain which forces the pressure down the line”

“The last thing that these workers want to do is disrupt the airport operations, but this is a last resort”

Aviation workers deserve to earn a decent living, they are key to the success of the airlines and airport corporations”

“Airport workers deserve full-time, well paid jobs so that they can support their families and keep Australia moving”

“There is a race to the bottom for pay and conditions, and the big end of town needs to stop squeezing their contractors”

Industrial action will escalate over time.


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