Your TWU Cairns Aviation delegates and officials have been busy in Cairns with the week long TWU blitz.

TWU QLD Secretary Peter Biagini said that the blitz has “really taken off, with Delegates stepping right up to the plate to lead in this first of its kind initiative.”

This week’s blitz at Cairns Airport will see aviation workers across the port surveyed on their safety concerns and working conditions.

The TWU aims to lift standards long term for workers across the airport: in terms of a living wage in an industry where part time is the norm, job security, weekend and penalty rates.

The blitz is part of an Australian first, an initiative your TWU has lead the charge in globally and has been taken on as an international model at the recent International Transport Federation Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria. Community transport hubs are identified and organised, in this case the Cairns Airport and community transport hub.

“Most importantly, our Cairns members are keen to move forward with this new concept and see it developed to its full potential,” Peter said.

“There has been a lot of ground work put in by the crew in Cairns and it is really paying off.

“Our members are already starting to work as a united transport hub, sharing intelligence across the aviation and bus industries operating out of the Port.”

TWU members in Cairns have banded together and been on the front line in an action packed week including a rally for bus safety on Monday, taking part in the QCU combined union launch to fight for weekend and penalty rates on Tuesday, and Aviation members’ week long airport blitz.

Pictured: Gate Gourmet members at Cairns Airport

“We had an excellent meeting at Gate Gourmet and I was pleased to see such a switched on crowd of people who were a pleasure to meet with and really positive in wanting to push forward, speak up for their rights and get right behind their TWU to deliver a better outcome.” – TWU Aviation Coordinator Peter Paulos

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