BCC Bargaining 12th April 2017

Unions and BCC management met again last Tuesday for most of the day to make progress towards a new agreement.

This was the last central all unions meeting for a few weeks while the parties both break for Easter and Anzac day public holidays, but also spend some time on the occupational specific ‘schedule’ meetings.

The meeting received responses from Council on a number of items with some progress made, but all of the big ticket items still not settled.

We discussed the following clauses:

  • Managing Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

  • Union Training Leave

  • Classification and Reclassification of Trainees and Apprentices

  • Parental Leave

  • Heat Fatigue

We reached agreement in principle on the parental leave and apprentices and trainees clause.

Council indicated it would still be pressing for agreement to the flexible rostering clause, despite the fact it will impose unreasonable changes on members, and for some a wholesale pay cut. It’s completely unacceptable to unions and no wonder why.

Council also said that a four year deal is important to them. There is very little interest in this from the union side, especially given the tiny wage offer on the table from Council. We remain at a more balanced 3 years from the expiry of the old agreement.

Unions also made it clear that coming to grips with, and moving to build stronger employment security measures across council is a key concern. Council’s rejection of our claim on this is unacceptable.

We did an audit of the issues still not yet agreed and as mentioned above, there are many and most of them are the key issues for bargaining.

Some unions have moved to consider commencing industrial campaigns to put pressure on Council to be more reasonable about the claims we have brought on behalf of members. Those who haven’t commenced a campaign are considering it and will communicate further with their respective membership.

As always, your workplace delegate is the best source of bargaining related news.

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