Don’t forget Meetings will next week will be held at the following times and locations for your opportunity to vote on protected industrial action.

  • Stafford Depot on Monday the 15th of May at 6am
  • Eagle Farm Depot on Tuesday the 16th of May at 6am
  • Eagle Farm Depot on Wednesday the 17th of May at 6.30pm
  • Eagle Farm Depot on Wednesday the 17th of May at 9.00pm

BCC Bargaining Update

Last week we were in the Industrial Commission to deal with a few bargaining related matters.

Firstly we were there to see how the request by some trades unions to form a separate agreement would be handled by the Commission.

Second we were there to hear from Council about why they thought bargaining had broken down and why they were calling in help from the Commission by way of conciliation.

We argued quite rightly that if the agreements were split the nature of bargaining might change so we needed to see how that got resolved in the coming weeks before the Commission should get us around a table and try mediate an outcome.

We then suggested that it was too early for the Commission to commence a formal process anyway. The truth is we believe there’s plenty of issues which require more discussion. We also believe that Council should stop playing legal games, and just sit down and negotiate.

Finally, we haven’t even used our legal rights to campaign for a change to Council’s positions. We are legally and rightly entitled to use an industrial campaign to press for change. We are yet to exercise that right and see what change it brings to Council’s position. We’ll see that in the coming weeks.

The Commission agreed with our position and put aside the request to conciliate between Council and unions.

No surprise, following today’s meeting we saw some positive discussion between the parties. We saw some sensible ideas exchanged on some of the larger issues such as sick leave evidence requirements and the flexible rostering proposal.

No agreement was reached on those matters yet, but we were able to have a sensible discussion trying to work out a way forward. We will come back together with some proposed clauses at our next meeting.

We think this is how to reach an agreement – sensible negotiation without legal tricks and games.

The number of agreements will be determined by the Commission in a formal process which will take place over the next several weeks.

The agreement number process is no barrier to us continuing negotiations and we look forward to more discussion in the intervening period.

If you have any questions, the best source of information is your local union workplace delegate.

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