BCC EBA UPDATE – 13/06/2017

The EBA discussions did not proceed this morning due to the Council’s ham-fisted approach to negotiations. All Unions were united in the view that the continued lockout of members of the ETU is unacceptable and that the Council needed to resolve that matter so that discussions could recommence.

As you may know by now the Council had other ideas with a “Final Offer” that they wanted to table that accepts the validity of many of the arguments which we have been patiently putting to them for the last several months.

The Unions made it clear to the Council that we are happy to continue discussions about the EB when the ETU members are returned to work.

At the hearing of the Council’s application for conciliation in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) in early May, The Services Union told the QIRC that discussions should continue and that the services of the QIRC were unnecessary for now. Since then the Council has gradually seen the light on a number of our important issues and the document published today by the Council represents a significant shift in its position for example in relation to medical certificates and flexible rostering.

There are still many important issues which have not been addressed and more troubling is that the Council appears to have walked away from matters it had committed to in discussion about employees’ entitlements in the Schedules to the Agreement. Your Union is working through the document to identify all of the changes and discussions with all Unions involved will be held later this week.

You will be kept advised of developments. Your Union is on track for a great outcome in EBA 9. Make sure you and all of your colleagues are with us for delivery.

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