BCC EBA UPDATE – 15/09/17

Over the last week, the Unions have met with the QIRC and Council. While a number things were resolved the TWU along with the AWU, CFMEU, AMWU and ETU have all reserved their positions on all matters until the Scope order is decided. If the scope order is successful we will be negotiating our own outdoor agreement and if it’s not successful it is likely the agreement will go to a vote. (More information about the QIRC conciliation here) 
If the agreement is voted down Council are likely to apply for compulsory conciliation and then arbitration, where everything could go back on the table. It’s likely this process would not deliver a result until late 2018. The Council has stated that should this occur they would withdraw the sign on bonus and it is likely that the 2.5% pay rise due in October 2017 would not be paid until the matter is settled, with no guarantee of back pay.
The Council has increased the offer to a $500 sign on bonus and in the third year if the Brisbane is CPI is above 2.5% the Council will pay CPI.
The position of the TWU is that we are still unhappy with the pay offer and that we have no automatic labour hire conversion after 12 months. Should the agreement go to a vote the TWU is likely to recommend a No Vote.
However, it is important for members to consider that at the start of this process we were facing the loss of our LAA’s, roster certainty and a 2% pay rise.
We have lost NO conditions and have improved on the following
  • The removal of the requirement to provide the condition on medical certificates.
  • Local agreements are now in the EBA for simplicity.
  • Improved domestic violence and carers leave provisions.
  • An obligation of Council to explain once a year why they are using labour hire in any part of Council to the JCC.
  • Labour hire who have been with Council more than 12 months are to be treated as internal applicants for Council jobs.
  • Increased protections and payment packages in the event Council have a restructure and moves an employee to a new position within Council.
  • Improved Union Delegate training clause.
  • Employees choice of the super fund.
  • And few other minor issues
Troy Fernandez will be holding meetings to communicate more details at the Eagle Farm depot at 6.30pm on Wednesday the 20th and 6am on Thursday the 21st
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