BCC EBA UPDATE 21-06-2017

On Tuesday the combined unions met with council to discuss the EBA.

Unions informed council that we were prepared to discuss their offer, however we were not prepared to discuss a “FINAL” offer.

Unions acknowledged that the document has some improvements to the last proposal, however, there are still some key matters that have not been addressed or remain outstanding.

  • These matters include:
  • Job Security – Council has not addressed the union’s key claim around the labor hire/temporary worker protections or arrangements.
  • Union training leave – we have a wording issue that council refuses to address
  • The length of the agreement will still mean councils proposal is a four-year agreement from the expiry of the old agreement (EBA8)
  • The pay increases have not been discussed and council’s position is 2.5% – “take it or leave it!”
  • The members of the RTBU (buses) have lost all the matters agreed previously agreed over the course of negotiations over the last 8 months.
  • Management representatives from Council have reported to the Unions that employees are contacting management with overwhelming support of Council’s “FINAL” offer and that they want the agreement to go to a vote. Unions informed council that the feedback we were getting from members was very different.

Unions indicated to Council that they are willing to continue to meet to discuss outstanding issues. Council management representatives arrogantly indicated that they would meet and listen, however, they had nothing to talk about as they were not moving from their position.

Union officials are meeting this Friday at the QCU to talk about what we will do from here. Now that nearly all unions have industrial action approved, It is likely that all Unions are going to take some form of industrial action, which we will try to coordinate with each other.

We will keep you informed as things develop. As always your Union delegate is the best source of information.

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