Bidvest have proposed a sub-standard agreement for you and your mates - it’s not good enough.

This agreement will see a divided yard – you’ll be wearing the same shirt with different rates & different conditions – VOTE NO for a better deal for you, your mates and your family this Christmas!



    Improving wages and conditions will directly impact you and your family so please take the time to fill your details below.

The Company has rejected your claim

  • Wage increase of 4.4% (offering 2 %) – Rejected
  • Awards underpin the agreement– (casual rates 25%, overtime (currently 3 hours @1.5 then double) , shift penalties, lunch breaks) – All Rejected.
  • Allowances to equal Award minimums and increase – Rejected.
  • Casual Conversion/commitment to permanent employment (Bne – have said they will in Bne) – Rejected in the regions!
  • Transition to higher classifications and rates of pay for new employee’s – rejected
  • No Reduction in existing Terms and Conditions of Employment – Rejected
  • Extra Superannuation – Rejected.
  • Review of driver classifications – Rejected.

Illegal clause – medical examination;

  • In this agreement – the company can request any medical report from a medical examination they request – we believe this is incorrect as it needs to be governed by the FWA act.

What they have taken away or reduced for new employee’s in this agreement;

New shift workers get less;

  • Shift work penalties  
  • No paid meal breaks for shift work
  • No paid overtime meal breaks
  • Public holiday payments for casuals – no payment  – marked for checking as yet not confirmed!

New day workers get less;

  • Penalty hours – a wider span of ordinary hours (4:00 am to 8:00 pm – was 5:00am – 8:00pm)
  • No late finish allowance (gone – $7.09 per occasion)

New exempted employee’s (staff salaried) classification – these new staff will get no;

  • Shift Allowances
  • Weekend Penalty Rates
  • Freezer Allowance
  • Consolidator Half Freezer Allowance
  • Cash Collection Allowance
  • Overtime
  • Annual Leave loading
  • Public Holiday Entitlement – where work is performed.

What they have taken away from existing employee’s in this new agreement;

  • All overtime meal breaks.
  • Show holiday payments – now an annual leave added at the employer’s discretion (250% pay down to 217.5% pay).

What we have saved 

  • Personal Leave – saved current provisions on evidence and stayed off disciplinary process for “excess leave use.”
  • Employee friendly Redundancy matrix –  redeployment, VAR, then Compulsory
  • 10 hour break or return on double time.

Download the latest flyer here. 

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