Bus drivers’ union celebrates victory in bid for equal pay

UNION members at Bus Queensland’s Toowoomba Depot are celebrating the recent implementation of the State Government’s Equal Rates wage fund following a several year campaign from the Transport Workers’ Union.

Members of the Transport Workers’ Union at Bus Queensland gathered for a “Thank a Union Member” BBQ in celebration of the delivery of government funding.

Over $130 million has been allocated by the Queensland Government to deliver equal rates for all drivers performing scheduled Translink services across the network.

This funding has gone towards supplementing wages for drivers at Bus Queensland, bringing them up to the highest industry rate – equalling an over $8000 p/a improvement for a driver previously earning the award rate.

Queensland branch secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union Peter Biagini said that drivers doing the same job should receive the same pay.

“For too long, workers’ wages in the transport industry have been used as a way to cut costs to benefit company profits at the expense of those doing the hard yards.” Mr Biagini said “Instead of competing fairly on offering an efficient and effective service, companies have suppressed wages – unfairly impacting on drivers working in regional areas.

“Under TWU Equal Rates, we’ve now established a cardinal rule that workers doing the same job deserve the same pay – no matter where they live and work in Queensland.”

Originally published in the Toowoomba Chronicle

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