It is not uncommon for different unions to claim coverage over the same workers however after being challenged over coverage by another union your TWU’s right to protect the working conditions of coin and cash room workers was upheld by Fair Work Australia.

In early July the Together Union claimed that they had sole coverage over coin and cash workers at the Murarrie Linfox Armaguard yard. Local organiser Peter Ferguson and Cash & Transit co-ordinator Craig Williams did not accept the Together union’s position and advocated to Senior Industrial Advocate Adam Carter to defend your TWU’s right to represent these long term members.

‘We just wanted to protect the workers we already had,’ Craig said. ‘We were not impressed that another union was trying take our members when we had previously tried to work with Together to improve the conditions in the yard.’

The commission hearing took only 2 hours before the commissioner went away and considered the arguments for a week.

‘In the end the Fair Work Australia decision means that we are able to represent the all employees at the Linfox Armaguard yard,’ Craig said. ‘We’re just keen to put this behind us and get on with the job of negotiating a good agreement for our members.’

The Linfox Armaguard eba is currently out of date so Peter is busy on the ground working to represent the member interests during negotiations. And having been given the OK from Fair Work Australia Peter is also in the process of establishing new recruiting palsn to increase membership in the yard to increase the strength of your TWU at the negotiating table.

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