Vote no to management's EBA!

On Monday management put out its proposed agreement for viewing before voting commences next week.

They have done this despite your TWU and driver representatives telling management its substandard and we do NOT support the proposed agreement.

Management representatives really have not been listening to you or your representatives only making minor changes to the document but refusing to drop its core proposals.

It’s so important that you vote and we recommend you vote NO!


Ordinary hours of work shall be worked on any day Monday to Saturday for new employees or by permanent agreement of current employees.

For those of you that enjoy the occasional extra bit in your pay packet or like to regularly do extra Saturdays, but still enjoy having the flexibility to say “not this weekend”, this clause means as more new employees come on board that you will have less access to overtime shifts as they can be forced to do them with 2 weeks notice.

We also have concerns that this is a slippery slope. As we have seen in the retail and hospitality sector rostered weekend work becomes normalised and suddenly employers start saying “Why do we pay more for weekend work, it’s not different to the work done Monday to Friday.”

This is bad outcome for current workers and even worse for the workers that come after you!

After years of being second class citizens and paid less than Northgate employees, ex-Cleanskip or Greenbins drivers and new employees will STAY second class citizens.

Management implied to driver reps at the last meeting that they should be grateful that in three years they will finally be paid the same rates for doing the same work as the employees on the Northgate agreement.

Management’s agreement ensures that both new employees and the current ex-Cleanskip or ex-Greenbins drivers won’t have the choice of RDO’s or be able to get sick leave paid out.

This deal ensures that those employees and all new employees will stay second class citizens!

Transfer of employees between depots.

Initially management representatives agreed that permanent transfers would only happen by agreement.

The clause they put in the back of the agreement means that with 7 days notice you could be moved to any depot permanently. Management representatives say they would never do that however won’t put what they say in writing.

In addition, if you are relocated temporarily (for a day or week for example) at management’s request they will pay a cents per kilometre reimbursement that is unknown and the document does not say if Tolls are reimbursed. Remarkably this allowance does not seem payable if they transfer you permanently as the document seems to suggest it’s only on a temporary basis. There are also no safeguards about how people are chosen if no volunteers come forward.

There are other things issues with management proposed agreement but mainly, it’s a bad offer and one that the TWU and driver representatives do not support.

If you have any questions or concerns call your delegates or organiser
TWU delegate – Nev Wheeler – temporarily on leave or TWU organiser – Troy Fernandez – 0411875909
TWU delegate – Paul Crawford – 0424207851 or TWU organiser – Brad Wyatt – 0418420764

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