Cleanaway EBA Update

EBA Update 30/5/2018
Over the last few weeks your TWU has been corresponding with Cleanaway management to clarify positions on various issues.
One big TWU win that has occurred as a result of the strong No vote is that management has dropped their 6 day roster and will retain the current clause of Monday to Friday. Well done team you should be proud of you efforts so far.
As this EBA round kicks off we have to remember that this is a marathon not a sprint and we still have some miles to go. It’s important that we get it right for current and future negotiations. 
The Key Issues – 
Cleanaway will not extend RDOs to all employees who want to have them. Cleanaway’s position is that RDOs will apply only those that currently accrue them and a bank of 10 days will apply.  For those with banks in excess of 10 days as at the date of approval, Cleanaway will work with those employees to reduce the bank over the next 12 months, through taking the RDOs or cash out.
In Addition cash out of sick leave applies only to those employees who commenced prior to 3 March 2015 and worked under the Northgate agreement.
This means these conditions will slowly disappear over the years. 
It will create second class workers under this agreement. 
New vs Old. Willawong vs Northgate.
Cleanaway will not commit to back pay which means that last agreement your pay increases were delayed by 6 months and each time we agree to an agreement without fixed increase dates it compounds. Meaning over a number of agreements you’ll go a 12 month period or more without a pay increase. 
The wages offer management has now put forward is a reduced offer of 2% p.a for 3 years. Cleanaway is of the view that 2% is a fair increase in the current climate.
On the last big issue of depot transfers it seems the company has moved a bit on this but we still are not there. Management have agreed to insert some additional protections for workers and on the whole the process for temporary transfers is ok! The problem is with permanent transfers management told workers in the yard report back meetings this would be voluntary, period. That is not reflected in the document. 
Management may make out that they have made a big concession dropping something they never had. This is a distraction from the lack of improvements to your pay and conditions. It’s important to remember that your log of claims at its core was simply that no conditions were lost, all workers got access to the existing Northgate conditions, a reasonable increase wages and small increase to super. 
The company positions are now hardening and your TWU team have started the paperwork to apply for a protected action ballot. This process can take a few weeks to have the vote and get approval to take action.
The next meeting EBA meeting with management will be on the 7th of June

If you have any questions or concerns call your delegates or organiser:

TWU delegate – Nev Wheeler – 0409675332

TWU organiser – Troy Fernandez – 0411875909

TWU delegate – Paul Crawford – 0424207851

TWU organiser – Brad Wyatt –  0418420764

P.S. Check out what your TWU team had to say at our last action here:

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