CWY SEQ Solids Drivers EBA update 19/02/2018

Your TWU put forward a very simple log of claims - here are the key points

Three year agreement – agreed

No reduction in existing terms and conditions of employment – The terms of employment for all employees to covered by this agreement to be no less than the 2014 agreement – rejected.
Increase super to .5% over the life of the agreement. Bringing super up to 10% – rejected

4% P.A Increase – company offer 2.2% increase with seven day roster 1.9% without seven day roster
Level 5 rear loader to be paid at level 6 – rejected
The option to wear shorts in the summer – rejected
Additionally the company want to strip away conditions employees enjoy.

Hours of work – CWY proposing to be expanded from Monday to Friday to Monday to Sunday. Penalty rates to continue to be paid. Which means that management can direct employees to work Saturday and/or Sunday.

Cash out of sick leave – New employees or and current employees from Cleanskip or Greenbins will not get this benefit.

RDO’s – New employees or and current employees from Cleanskip or Greenbins will not get the option of this benefit. The company wants to restrict RDO accruals to 5 days.

Currently there is no cap on RDO’s and we in consultation with members that have RDO’s were willing to meet them half way with a cap of 10-12 days.

The only two positive parts of this agreement is

1 – After years of being second class citizens and paid less than Northgate employees. Ex-Cleanskip or Greenbins drivers will over three years catch up to the Northgate drivers.

2 – The Crib break will be paid for the whole 30 minutes (at ordinary time) instead the current 20 minutes.

Management representatives at EBA meetings have been telling driver representatives that what they will and wont put in their agreement.

At this point of time they are right it is their agreement.

It’s a bad offer and one that the TWU and driver representatives do not support.

There will be report back sessions for drivers to tell management and the TWU what they think.

  • Willawong yard – 4am and 5am – Monday 19th February
  • Narangba yard – 5.30am – Monday 26th February
  • Northgate yard – 11.30am – 8am – Wednesday 28th February
  • Helensvale yard – 1pm – 3pm – Thursday 1st of March

If you have any questions or concerns call your delegates or organiser

  • TWU delegate – Nev Wheeler – 0409675332 or TWU organiser – Troy Fernandez – 0411875909
  • TWU delegate – Paul Crawford – 0424207851 or TWU organiser – Brad Wyatt – 0418420764
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